Facility Executive – Long View On Lighting Retrofits

In July 2021, the Hazelwood School District in St. Louis County, Missouri completed a district-wide lighting retrofit. Addressing both interior and exterior lighting, this project comprised new LED lighting technology across all 34 buildings within the school district. The district and its energy partner, cleantech integrator Ameresco, estimate the project will result in more than $1.25 million in cost savings in utilities, operations, and maintenance. The Hazelwood School District is the third largest in St. Louis County and the 11th largest in the State of Missouri. Its schools encompass just over 3.1 million square feet. With a student population of over 17,000, the district’s facilities comprise 11 preschools, 21 elementary schools, six middle schools, three high schools, and an administration building.

The Hazelwood School District initially began working with Ameresco 18 years ago looking to reduce its overall energy spend and leverage the savings to improve the district’s learning environment. For this most recent project in 2021, Ameresco identified needed facility upgrades throughout the district—a project that utilized the company’s Asset Planner software, which utilizes embedded data to recognize energy savings opportunities.

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Facility Executive

By Anne Cosgrove