Environment + Energy Leader – Green Resiliency: The Intersection of Distributed Energy Generation and Sustainability

The energy industry is experiencing a great transformation. As economies and organizations restore a semblance of business as usual, an opportunity sits before us. “Normal” has undoubtedly changed. There is a critical emphasis on addressing the impact of climate change, severe weather, and grid volatility—all of which have a costly impact to business and society. In rebuilding our communities, we have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a brighter clean energy future with Green Resiliency.

Businesses are under increased pressure to address their plans to increase their energy resiliency and decrease their environmental impact. These are not mutually exclusive—current technologies can solve for both. Distributed energy resources, microgrids and renewables are becoming more and more prevalent as we move towards resiliency and carbon neutrality while the economics become even more compelling. This intersection amplifies the call to take action across commercial properties, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, housing communities, military bases and more.

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