Energy Storage News – Ameresco to provide 313MWh battery storage system to Colorado co-operative utility

System integrator Ameresco has secured a 313MWh battery energy storage asset agreement with Colorado electric cooperative United Power.

Under the 20-year agreement, Ameresco will install battery assets on multiple sites, with a total of 78.3MW/313.34MWh battery storage system on the cooperative’s electric distribution system. The project is expected to be in service in 2024 and marks one of many for United Power as it plans ahead for the departure of its current wholesale power contract on 1 May 2024.

Ameresco will provide four battery arrays with an output of 11.75MW and four with an output of 7.84MW, distributed across eight different substation sites owned by the cooperative – which serves Colorado’s northern Front Range – and will be sited in Adams, Broomfield and Weld counties.

With these battery assets, United Power will be able to better balance its load effectively during heavy consumption periods as it integrates more renewables into its operations.

Jon Mancini, senior VP of solar project development at Ameresco, said: “The inclusion of this expansive asset in Ameresco’s portfolio further underscores the global need for energy storage to bolster clean and sustainable power sources. Energy storage plays a crucial role in enhancing grid reliability, optimizing renewable energy utilization, and fostering a resilient and efficient energy future.”

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