Energy Central – Energy as a Service: A Strategic Challenge and Key Opportunity for ESCOs

Energy as a service (EaaS) project case studies of all sizes have been filling news feeds for the past 2 years. ENGIE’s large contracts with Ohio State University and the University of Iowa have made headlines. Smaller projects continue to accelerate as well. For example, Metrus Energy has announced two new projects in 2020: one with a Fortune 500 medical technology company and one with Masonic Homes Kentucky, together totaling $5.1 million.

EaaS is also making headway in federal facilities. The U.S. Air Force is pursuing two EaaS pilots to establish the viability of a framework for scalable applications across the entire enterprise. The first pilot at the Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma is already underway. The second pilot at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts is in the competitive solicitation stage.

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