Corporate Board Member – Playing ‘Bidenomics’ To Win

The White House’s multitrillion-dollar national industrial policy is more than just a once-in-a-generation opportunity for companies—it’s also a vexing strategy challenge for boards. Some tips.

Industrial policy isn’t just in vogue in Washington these days: It has become a centerpiece of domestic policy for President Biden, the key to a “Bidenomics” platform that he hopes will get him reelected and potentially the start of a major long-term pivot for the United States to guide corporate investment much as most other advanced countries do.

The total of potential federal incentives plus matches, estimated at $2.4 trillion by AlixPartners consultants, has become a rather sudden pied piper to directors and CEOs of many American and foreign companies involved in industrial infrastructure and the manufacture of batteries, vehicles, microchips, their components and other products.

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Corporate Board Member

By Dale Buss

Playing ‘Bidenomics’ To Win – Corporate Board Member