Business North Carolina – Fort Bragg scoops solar power at a Scotland County lake

I went to an event about climate change in Raleigh last week, and the most interesting part involved a U.S. Army solar project on a lake in Scotland County.

There were a series of speeches at the gathering held by a national group called E2 for Environmental Entrepreneurs.

But Audrey Oxendine from Fort Bragg, who was on a panel, gave a low-key report about the solar array without flourishes or calls to action, not a speech. She had a lot of impact, I thought. My takeaway was that in the effort to move to renewable energy sources from fossil fuels, it is the Oxendines who do a lot of the work without much notice. While politicians are still arguing over whether global warming is real, or a big threat, or happening as fast as scientists say, folks like Oxendine are managing the transition for practical reasons and in some unusual places, like where the Army trains its most elite soldiers.

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Business North Carolina

By Dan Barkin