Water & Waste Digest – Aeration Blowers & Aging Equipment

A 20-year old wastewater treatment plant turned to an energy savings solution to face aging equipment issues.

The city of Troutdale, Ore., recently partnered with Ameresco to utilize an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) model. Troutdale Public Works Director Fred Ostler heard about the project through his predecessor who “did all the leg work” and was responsible for establishing the contract with Ameresco.

“The city does not have an elaborate water system. It is just groundwater wells,” Ostler said. “They only have five of those. It was not a lot to be gained there.”

The plant was around 20 years old, and Ostler said most plants between 15 and 20 years old are due for an upgrade because the lifecycle of most components are coming to an end. Also, it creates an opportunity to adopt new technologies to make the facility more efficient.

In its search, the city found Ameresco, which put together a program based on energy savings. Consultants prequalify through the company’s main office, and end users or municipalities can choose from the list of those prequalified to contract,
Ostler said.

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Sara Myers

OCT 23 2019

Water & Waste Digest