Energy Efficiency in Every Industry

Although the long-term cost savings and environmental benefits of energy-efficient facilities and renewable energy projects are well documented, difficulties in finding the initial funding and capable developers can derail desirable projects. With more than 30 years of energy experience, Ameresco has a deep knowledge of the regulatory and market environments native to specialized organizations, including local and federal government, public and private enterprise, healthcare, and K-12 and higher education. As an independent energy services provider and energy efficiency company, we develop and finance new energy projects, exploring all options to achieve the most value for every dollar that our customers spend.

To see how Ameresco helps its customers manage their energy needs, choose a category below or see our full list of case studies.

  • Commercial

    Commercial Commercial

    Deliver quality to customers and value to shareholders by improving profitability and sustainability through demand-side and supply-side energy solutions.

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  • Local Government

    Local Government Local Government

    Meet and exceed local energy efficiency requirements, fund energy retrofits without using taxpayer money and develop community renewable energy projects that benefit constituents and local businesses.

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  • Federal Government

    Federal Goverment Federal Goverment

    Comply with federal energy regulations and mandates with budget-neutral energy infrastructure upgrades that produce cost savings and reduce emissions. Eliminate the need for up-front capital with an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC).

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  • Manufacturing / Industrial

    Manufacturing / Industrial Manufacturing / Industrial

    Tap our energy management expertise to address industrial-specific issues such as productivity, process and process-related systems, and comprehensive carbon management for mandated greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting.

  • Higher Education

    Higher Education Higher Education

    Uncover new sources of investment capital to incorporate renewable energy into new facilities built to meet growing enrollments. Use energy savings to improve older dormitories and facilities and provide more services to students.

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  • K-12 Education

    K-12 Education K-12 Education

    Renew schools with new, energy-efficient equipment and renewable energy projects that fund themselves in cost savings and open up additional funding for other educational programs.

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  • Healthcare

    Healthcare Healthcare

    Reduce energy costs by an average of 30% annually without affecting energy supply to critical hospital systems, freeing up money for other facility upgrades, new equipment or additional staff.

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  • Housing

    Housing Housing

    Dramatically reduce utility costs at aging housing developments with a performance-oriented approach focused on upgrading equipment and systems, improving energy management and educating residents on responsible energy use.

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