Knoxville Convention Center to Receive Solar Panels

The Knoxville Convention Center will recieve a solar array on the roof as well as a new chiller for the center’s HVAC system on Tuesday.

According to a release from the city of Knoxville, Ameresco, an energy services company, will use a helicopter to deliver the objects. Once the solar array is installed on the roof, it will be the largest solar array within the city.

Workers will start installing the two items close to 9:00 a.m. and will continue working until mid-morning.

Crews began working on the first steps for the panel installation back in August.

The panels are part of the city’s 13 year program to make energy saving improvements to buildings and parks.

Originally published by on December 27, 2010.


Ameresco: CarolAnn Hibbard, 508-661-2264,