Chief Executive – Talent 2021 Special Report: People Hacks

While Covid-19 left CEOs unsure about many things, the pandemic’s verdict is already in regarding one crucial area: the demand for talent.

The shutdown of much of the U.S. economy crimped and even cratered many businesses, but it’s apparent that the sudden recession and nascent recovery still left most companies short of the people they need to grow as the economy gains traction again.

Harness Passion

George Sakellaris, CEOAmeresco / Framingham, Massachusetts

We help building owners power their facilities, emphasizing renewables, so climate change has become a great, great driver not only for our customers but for our organization. It’s become a great rallying point. It helps us attract great talent: If you are young and you want to do well for yourself down the road and also be involved with the changes in the environment, we’re the place to go.

But it’s not enough. Our people must have not only a passion for the environment but also for engineering. We’re looking for development engineers in solar, gas, wind, microgrids and battery storage. The key is to find people who want to learn and have a technical background and curiosity and want to move things forward, who are continuously evolving. We are a technology innovator, and so we must stay up with what’s going on, because things are moving fast.

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