CleanTechnica – Floating Solar Panels To Get Army-Tested At Fort Bragg’s Camp Mackall

The US Army has been playing its renewable energy efforts rather close to the vest these past few years, but here and there some activity has been bubbling up under from under the surface. The latest development involves the hot new trend of floating solar panels, in what could be a first-of-its-kind installation at Fort Bragg’s remote training facility Camp Mackall, in North Carolina.

Floating Solar Panels For World’s Largest Military Facility

The new floating solar panels are an attention-getter because Fort Bragg happens to be the biggest military facility in the world, going by its population of 50,000+ active duty personnel. It is the headquarters for the US Army Forces Command and the United States Army Special Operations Command. Fort Bragg is also home to the Joint Special Operations Command, XVIII Airborne Corps,  the US Army Reserve Command headquarters, the Womack Army Medical Center, and two airfields, one of which is the airlift point for Fort Bragg’s Global Response Force, which consists of Special Forces and Brigade Combat Teams.

So, there is a lot going on at Fort Bragg.

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By: Tina Casey