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Asset Planning Solutions

Ameresco Asset Sustainability Group (ASG) is a leading sustainability partner providing financial solutions and alternative funding strategies to manage risk associated with aging infrastructure. ASG provides asset management solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors, including school boards, post-secondary schools, municipalities, public housing, healthcare, hospitality, property management, and commercial/retail.

Our experienced team provides Advisory Services in capital planning and optimization of infrastructure portfolios that help address the growing gap between increasing capital needs and expected budgets.  ASG also provides Software Solutions through Ameresco’s proprietary AssetPlanner™ Software Suite that combines strategic capital planning with tactical maintenance management and proactive energy management.

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ASG by the Numbers


Year Created


Buildings Served

3.2 billion+

Square Feet Monitored

$7 billion+

Capital Creation Opportunities

“AssetPlannerTM became our solution and continues to be an integral tool in our department; providing a repository for past and current facility information, a key component of our maintenance management program, as well as providing us with the tools to assist us in making informed decisions regarding future life cycle replacement projects. Overall the AP software helps us meet our department’s purpose to enhance the learning environment by keeping buildings, grounds and equipment safe, clean and in good condition.”

Steve Jackson
Director of Operations, Rocky Mountain School District

Featured Case Studies

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City of Richmond, BC

With a population of more than 200,000 people living just one meter above sea level, the City of Richmond, B.C. needed a way to ensure cost-effective upgrades for 49 km of dikes and 39 drainage pump stations. A Capital Creation StrategyTM from Ameresco led to investment from senior levels of government, delivering a 66% capital savings and an ROI of approximately 55,000%.

City of New Westminster, BC

New storm drains were needed to reduce combined sewer outflows and reduce the discharge of municipal wastewater in the Sapperton section of New Westminster. Ameresco’s Capital Creation StrategyTM services helped the city gain funds from senior government, delivering a 66% savings in capital outlay and a ~55,000% ROI for Ameresco’s services.