Daytime view of solar panels installed on the roof of a multistory building

Roof Mount Solar Power Systems

Roof mount solar power systems are a popular choice for municipal governments, commercial and industrial facilities, school systems and universities. Building rooftops are an often overlooked space with enough room for large solar arrays.

Depending on the available roof area and your usage profile, you may be able to generate 100% of the energy you need through solar power. In some locations, excess power can be sold back to the electrical grid, potentially turning rooftops into revenue.

Ameresco offers Solar PPA financing and complete design, build own and maintain services, allowing building owners to go solar without up-front investments or additional expenses. Rooftop solar systems can be mounted using ballasts, which do not disturb the roof surface, or traditional rooftop mounting systems.


  • A low-cost, proven and common way to tap solar power
  • Choice of installation options, including no-penetration ballasted mounts
  • Revenue generation from under-used roof areas

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