Energy Infrastructure

On-Site Cogeneration

Cogeneration and trigeneration tap the full potential of on-site power generation to manage overall energy consumption for commercial buildings, manufacturers, hospi

Asset Monetization

Monetizing energy assets is an effective way to offset annual utility and infrastructure expenses or develop new sources of revenue for government and industrial enterprises.

Energy Infrastructure


Distributed Generation

Off-grid power generation systems can lower costs, improve energy security and reliability, lower overall carbon emissions and add emergency backup or peak demand power.

Facilities Management

Facilities management is a vital link in the energy use chain.

Plant Rehabilitation

Maximizing plant energy efficiency pays dividends in lower monthly energy costs and improved compliance with local and federal regulations.

From renewable energy plants that surpass federal and state government efficiency guidelines to energy efficient retrofits, energy management system enhancements and cogeneration systems, Ameresco provides comprehensive solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and government customers. Our team of experienced energy specialists has designed, built, operated and maintained power plants and energy assets. We can create plants that use traditional fuel sources as well as renewable energy plants powered by biomass, geothermal, wind and hydroelectric fuels. Ameresco considers every aspect of an organization’s energy, heating, cooling and water needs, finding efficiencies and delivering budget-neutral energy infrastructure improvements that use annual utility savings to provide the capital needed for critical upgrades. Energy management system enhancements and retrofits can be phased in, allowing operations to continue without interruption as infrastructure is modified or replaced.