xChangePoint Energy Data Monitoring

Gathering energy data traditionally relies on an energy audit, which uses short-term metering at points of energy use to create data models for past and future consumption. As a tool for point-in-time energy monitoring, an energy audit can be effective, but it only provides part of the energy data picture.

Municipalities, universities and manufacturing and industrial facilities can realize significant benefits with energy data from xChange Point™. This system goes beyond the traditional energy audit to provide real-time energy data from all active systems, allowing facility managers, energy executives and administrators to see how systems actually perform over time.

Fortune 1000 companies have tapped the energy data from xChange Point to identify systems that will deliver the best ROI through energy-efficient upgrades or replacement with renewable energy systems. xChange Point breaks the cycle of making short-term decisions based on energy audits and lets energy-intensive manufacturing and industrial enterprises develop long-term energy use plans to meet compliance goals and lower energy expenses.

Mining Energy Data in Three Steps
The xChange Point three-step process turns energy data into actionable intelligence to guide energy decisions for enterprises.

  • Measure and Control: With energy data from xChange Point, facilities can measure their ongoing energy use. The energy data is then given to team of experienced energy analysts who specialize in finding ways to control energy consumption.
  • Repair and Replace: xChange Point energy data identifies outdated, malfunctioning and poorly performing equipment and allows facility managers to see the energy savings that can be realized through repairs, energy efficient retrofits and installation of new equipment.
  • Switch Sources: Energy data identifies renewable energy and alternative energy sources that can provide significant cost savings compared with current energy supplies. xChange Point can also help facility owners and managers reduce carbon emissions by switching from fossil-fuel sources to clean, low-carbon alternatives.

Advances in renewable energy and alternative fuel technologies can help government organizations lower operating costs, manufacturers lower production expenses and any organization meet carbon emissions goals. Energy data from xChange Point provides the operational intelligence needed to make informed decisions on energy use.