Renewable Energy Supply Management

From Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to clean energy procurement directly from utility companies, the options for securing a renewable energy supply continue to grow. As one of the largest independent energy service providers, Ameresco can provide a complete, objective assessment of a customer’s supply-side renewable energy options, accounting for market regulations, local legislation, costs and company priorities.

We weigh the following options for our customers, integrating them into an overall energy supply management plan and, when needed, supplementing energy delivery with renewable energy generation on the demand side.

Renewable Energy Procurement in Deregulated Markets
In deregulated energy markets, there are often a number of renewable energy utility companies from which to procure clean energy. Ameresco helps customers to integrate the procurement of renewable energy into their overall supply plan, objectively choosing renewable energy suppliers based on price, incentives and customer needs.

Renewable Energy Procurement in Regulated Markets
In regulated markets, where customers’ energy procurement options are limited, utility companies are now offering renewable energy pricing programs that allow customers to pay a premium to support deeper investments in renewable energy. These programs are designed to cover the higher costs typically associated with acquiring renewable energy from utilities in regulated markets. We can explore the feasibility of customer participation in these programs based on pricing, and offer alternatives for developing and supporting renewable energy on the demand side.

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)
Regardless of whether a customer’s utility market is regulated or deregulated, Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, offer the opportunity for companies and institutions to support the development of renewable energy on the supply side by paying to “match” the cost of a certain amount of energy used with an equal amount of renewable energy entering the power grid. Ameresco can facilitate the purchase of RECs, which can be purchased independently of a company’s contracted energy suppliers.

Jefferson City's landfill cogeneration plant


Working with landfill owner Republic Services, Columbia Water & Light and the state of Missouri, Ameresco developed, operates and maintains a cogeneration facility near the Jefferson City Correction Center that turns landfill methane into electricity for the local utility and steam for the correction center.

Through a power purchase agreement (PPA), Columbia Water & Light now receives 2% of its electricity from the plant, helping it to meet its renewable-energy goals.

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