Plant Rehabilitation

Maximizing plant energy efficiency pays dividends in lower monthly energy costs and improved compliance with local and federal regulations. An energy retrofit can reduce energy consumption and boost output for plants that use fossil fuels, or fully convert a fossil fuel system into one powered by clean, renewable energy.

For mission-critical energy systems, Ameresco’s team of experienced engineers will develop a phased plant energy upgrade plan that keeps energy flowing at required levels while the energy retrofit takes place. We can develop budget-neutral solutions that eliminate the need for up-front capital and ultimately reduce operating costs by lowering energy consumption. Plant energy upgrades can generate savings of as much as 35% annually at the facility level and up to 60% at the process level.

Improving Plant Energy Efficiency at No Capital Cost
Any commercial, government, industrial or institutional enterprise that pays monthly utility bills already has the capital needed to fund an energy retrofit. With an Ameresco Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), there are no up-front costs and no need for special budget allocations or lengthy and contentious appeals for additional funds from management or constituents.

An energy retrofit delivers real, measurable savings to annual utility bills. These savings can be amortized over the length of the ESPC to fund the energy upgrades needed now with savings that will accrue over time. At the end of the contract, the full value of plant energy efficiency upgrades are realized, providing capital for additional development or a way to reduce ongoing energy costs.

Boiler and chiller plant at VISN-6


Veterans Integrated Service Network 6 (VISN-6) required plant energy improvements and energy retrofits to comply with Presidential Executive Order 13123, mandating that all federal facilities meet an energy consumption goal of 35% of 1985 levels by 2010. Faced with a tight budget and the need to provide critical medical care 24 hours a day, VISN-6 turned to Ameresco to develop a phased retrofit plan.

Ameresco upgraded the boiler plant, chiller plant, HVAC system, lighting, laundry, motors and steam trap, saving VISN-6 $68 million annually in energy, operation and maintenance costs. No additional taxpayer funds were needed for the upgrades.

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