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Photovoltaic systems, often referred to as solar electric systems, have never been more cost-effective to install, thanks in large part to efficiency enhancements that allow for more flexible placement and U.S. government tax incentives. Lower solar energy costs have removed the barrier that has traditionally prevented enterprises, institutions and municipalities from investing in one of the most environmentally friendly and non-disruptive energy technologies available.

Ameresco eliminates the budget obstacles and political complications that prevent organizations from incorporating solar power into their energy supply by financing photovoltaic systems with no up-front capital cost and, if needed, by owning, operating and maintaining the project with a portion of the customer’s energy efficiency savings as payment. Whether it is a large solar array that provides a significant amount of a facility’s electricity and supplies energy back to the grid, or a few solar panels installed in a remote location to power critical equipment or supplement other power generation, we can objectively analyze each building and property to determine the best course of action based on budget and energy needs.

Ameresco Solar, our photovoltaics division, has more than three decades of expertise in providing solar energy solutions to customers. The photovoltaic specialists at Ameresco Solar can develop and implement integrated photovoltaic systems that

  • Are cost-effective
  • Contribute to energy security
  • Help manage energy uncertainty and mitigate risk
  • Are flexible, modular and flexible in terms of size and application
  • Serve both form and function in a building
  • Are produced locally, supporting local businesses
  • Meet demand and capacity challenges

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Lowell City Hall


The City of Lowell, Massachusetts is working with Ameresco on a two-phase photovoltaic energy project that will produce nearly 3 million kWh of electricity annually with no capital cost obligation from the city. Through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that transfer ownership risks to Ameresco, Lowell will benefit from photovoltaic systems placed on four schools and an auditorium, as well as a ground-mounted system on a capped landfill. These systems will produce environmental benefits through renewable energy while generating electricity cost savings and stabilizing the city’s electricity prices for 20 years. 

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