Sustainable, Efficient Solar Energy Solutions

  • Solar Farms

    Landfill Solar Farms Landfill Solar Farms

    Turn open land into a source of solar energy.

  • Roof Mount Solar Power Systems

    Roof Mount Solar Roof-Mount Solar

    Our custom solutions turn roof space into a solar energy system.

  • Solar Canopies

    Carport Solar Farms Carport Solar Farms

    Generate clean, renewable energy from parking lots and garages.

  • Remote and Off-Grid Solar Power Systems and Storage

    Off-Grid Solar Off-Grid Solar

    Power where you need it, without expensive infrastructure.

  • Solar Thermal

    Solar Thermal Solar Thermal

    Generate heat with renewable solar energy.

  • Solar Analytics and Portals

    Analytics Analytics

    Publicize your PV system and simplify reporting.

  • Solar Power Financing Options

    Financing Financing

    Lease, PPA and purchase options available.

  • Solar Products

    Solar Products Solar Products

    Find wholesale solar panels and equipment.

  • Solar Energy Benefits

    Benefits Benefits

    Why solar is a smart renewable energy choice.

Recent Solar Coverage

St. Louis Airport renewable energy video

Building a Renewable Airport

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Ameresco is a leading independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, with deep experience in developing and maintaining solar energy projects for public schools and governments as well as private enterprise. Ameresco has developed, installed, financed and maintained more than 59 megawatts of solar energy systems across North America, including innovative landfill and public school solar energy systems.

Featured Projects

Learn more about Ameresco's solar power capabilities in these featured case studies, or click here for more solar power case studies.

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Learn about the Canada Solar FIT Program


City of Lowell solar power array

City of Lowell

Higher Education

University of Kentucky building

University of Kentucky

K-12 Education

Douglas County Schools solar power array

Douglas County Schools

Federal Government

Hill solar power array

Hill Air Force Base


Solar powered parking meters


Public Housing

Akron public housing solar array

Akron Housing Authority

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