Performance Contracting

Ameresco performance contracting provides a simple solution to a big challenge facing municipalities and facilities managers today: how to get the infrastructure upgrades needed at a time when budgets are too tight or non-existent. Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) leverages the cost savings from energy-efficient equipment to provide the capital to renew facilities and building systems. Energy performance contracting is budget neutral; it takes the money already spent on energy and uses it to get the energy infrastructure upgrades needed.

Ameresco, one of the largest independent energy efficiency companies and energy service providers in North America, puts an experienced team of engineers to work on energy projects, identifying, installing, operating and maintaining energy-efficient facility and infrastructure upgrades. During the contract, Ameresco can guarantee that efficiency savings pay for the new equipment and provide savings measurement and verification. Once the contract is complete, the customer enjoys the benefits of energy cost savings for the life of the equipment, freeing up capital that can be used for additional facilities or energy-delivery improvements.

Chicago Housing Authority housing complex


The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) has the largest completed performance contract by a Public Housing Authority (PHA) in the United States, including improvements around natural gas, electricity, and water/sewer efficiency measures in 60 sites. Ameresco has completed over $30 million in efficiency improvements for the CHA in three phases of work and has recently developed a fourth phase, which will bring the total of the four phases to $43 million. The project was awarded a NAHRO Agency Award of Merit, and has secured a number of local awards.

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Performance Contracting: A Budget-Neutral Solution
Energy savings performance contracting uses the money already spent on monthly utility bills to finance energy infrastructure and facilities improvements. During the contract, energy-efficient upgrades yield savings that pay for energy-services company (ESCO) enhancements. Additional savings can be used to lower operating costs or invest in additional improvements. When the performance contract is complete, customers receive the full benefit of energy efficiency savings, providing capital for further facility improvements.

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