MyEnergyPro Online Energy Management Monitoring Software

MyEnergyPro online energy information monitoring and reporting software from Ameresco gives you complete, real-time and historical remote monitoring and energy management data through a simple web interface that can be customized to reflect your energy monitoring and reporting needs.

MyEnergyPro makes it easy for clients, employees or the general public to see your energy management and carbon reduction practices at work. Through a custom-built website branded with your logo, design and information, you can display your energy management and carbon reduction results in real-time.

MyEnergyPro energy information monitoring data can also be used for sustainability reporting,carbon management reporting, annual and quarterly reports to shareholders, compliance reporting and ENERGY STAR® reporting. MyEnergyPro can drill down to the performance of a specific piece of your energy infrastructure, allow monitoring of a single building within a facility and give you an enterprise-level view of energy management.

You can control who has access to the information and can create custom views for different types of users. For example, you can give customized online energy monitoring access to the public, while providing real-time comprehensive energy management data to facility managers.

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