Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs with Steam Trap Testing

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Pipes with leaking steamSteam trap testing is a simple and easily overlooked way for commercial and industrial customers to conserve energy and potentially save money. Each steam trap that is improperly sized or malfunctioning can cost thousands of dollars a year.

Ameresco uses ultrasonic steam trap testing backed by custom-designed software to identify steam loss. Each individual steam trap is tagged and monitored so that steam loss can be evaluated across an entire system, rather than at a few specific points. Faulty steam traps can be identified when they fail, and steam trap sizing is calculated based on actual flow through the system, with immediate recommendations available as other parts of the system change.

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Ameresco’s ultrasonic steam trap testing is a method that accurately and instantly allows each individual steam trap’s performance to be monitored, giving industrial and commercial steam producers a real-time view of how equipment is performing and how efficiency can be improved.

Steam trap testing and monitoring works with all types of steam traps, including thermodynamic, mechanical and thermostatic traps. Our experience shows that up to 50% of steam traps in a facility can be blowing steam. With monthly testing, repair and replacements, that total can drop to 3%, potentially delivering tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings on steam generation costs.

Ameresco also conducts Inert Gas Leak Audits for inert gas systems, using the same processes that we apply for steam trap testing. During an inert gas audit, each leak will be identified, located and categorized. Any recommended remediations will be consistent with those made by inert gas system manufacturers.

We can also help set up a predictive/preventive maintenance program and reporting procedures to help plant personnel become aware of energy losses and system design problems. As an independent company, we do not represent any steam trap manufacturer, so our reports are unbiased and objective.

Steam trap testing is just one of Ameresco's Energy WASTE services. Energy WASTE services focuses on identifying, documenting, quantifying and remediating wasted utilities, including--

  • Water
  • Air (compressed)
  • Steam
  • Thermal
  • Electricity

These services are repeated on an ongoing basis with the objective of providing total utility resource management and sustained savings.

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