Geothermal Energy the Ameresco Way

Choose custom geothermal energy solutions from Ameresco

Illustration of geothermal system operating in heating mode; cold air is pumped underground, where it warms to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, before being pumped into a heating system



Ameresco can design and build geothermal heating and cooling systems for commercial, educational, institutional, industrial, municipal and multi-tenant residential buildings. We also offer options to own and operate these systems. For new construction, Ameresco will work with your mechanical and electrical engineers to fully integrate the system into the building design.


Ameresco offers a 100% financing solution for our renewable energy systems. We will design and build the system at no capital cost to the customer in exchange for a 30-year, fixed-price Energy Supply Agreement or Power Purchase Agreement that guarantees lower operating costs than a conventional HVAC system. This includes repairs, maintenance and replacement of equipment throughout the life of the contract, so there are no unexpected charges for repairs or unpredictable energy price increases.

In addition, Ameresco customers benefit from our decades of experience and our comprehensive approach to energy system development: 


Geological Testing and Site Assessment

Before beginning any project, Ameresco drills test bore holes on every site and tests the thermal properties of the geological formations beneath the ground.

Every variable is accounted for to ensure the capacity of the energy field is matched exactly to the seasonal heating and cooling loads of the building. We use prefabricated and factory pressure tested geothermal loops that carry a 55-year manufacturer warranty. We design our energy fields to last for the life of the building, maintaining their heating and cooling balance year after year. 


Building Integration
Illustration of geothermal system operating in cooling mode; hot air is pumped underground, where it cools to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, before being sent to an air conditionerAmeresco works with your architectural and consulting design team to identify structural and space savings gained by eliminating equipment usually required by traditional HVAC systems. Often unsightly ceiling bulkheads and external building wall penetrations can be avoided, creating valuable space and a clean, low-maintenance exterior. Noisy and heavy roof top chillers are gone and bulky boilers are eliminated. Ameresco provides sophisticated building automation controls that allow each suite to maintain maximum control of their personal comfort levels.

Whether its a new building or a renewable energy retrofit for an existing structure, Ameresco consults with your mechanical and electrical engineers to fully integrate the geothermal system into the design for the building.


Construction Scheduling

Ameresco has developed installation methods that reduce time on site and allow us to work in ways that are the most cost effective for clients. Our staff and trade professionals are trained to work on large-scale construction projects, employing maximum safety practices and compliance as well as easy integration into complex work schedules.


High Density Buildings

Ameresco specializes in large commercial-scale projects. We have developed sophisticated geothermal designs and installation techniques that allow our systems to be installed on very tight sites where space is limited. This allows high density buildings to be constructed with advanced, sustainable green-building technologies previously only available to low-rise structures.


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