ESPC (Energy Saving Performance Contract)

Thermal photograph of heat loss from a windowAn ESPC, or Energy Savings Performance Contract, is aimed at eliminating the fiscal constraints that can kill a project before it is even conceptualized. With an Ameresco ESPC, customers can renew facilities and reduce energy costs without the need for capital expenditures and the political complications that arise during the budgeting process.

Through Energy Savings Performance Contracting, Ameresco pays all costs involved in identifying and installing new or upgraded energy-efficient equipment. The energy upgrades are paid for by a portion of the cost savings resulting from these improvements over a set term. At the end of the ESPC, the customer owns all of the improvements and receives all of the continuing savings.

Whether it is a performance contract for federal or local government, education, healthcare, manufacturing, public housing or retail, Ameresco can meet any customer’s unique needs.

University of Kentucky


Aging utility infrastructure, a lack of additional funds and a desire to become a recognized leader in energy efficiency and emissions reduction led the University of Kentucky to choose Ameresco for energy retrofits and equipment upgrades at 61 of its facilities. Through an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) that allows energy savings to pay for the work, eliminating capital requirements, the university embarked on a $24 million program that includes new digital controls and monitoring for all energy systems; electrical, plumbing and HVAC upgrades and a campus-wide education program that teaches faculty and students the importance of responsible energy use.

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