Enterprise Energy Data Management with xChangePoint® from Ameresco

Data is only part of the picture. Ameresco combines its multiple energy information tools with our expertise for the client’s benefit. Key studies have shown that making real progress on energy efficiency and sustainability is often hampered by difficulties with the following:

  1. Aligning the organization with the plan to achieve the goals,
  2. Securing scarce, relevant and actionable information in a timely manner,
  3. Securing the right sustainability and energy expertise and
  4. As a result of the previous three, securing capital for projects.

xChangePoint® solves these difficulties by condensing everything into one cloud-based software environment, where facility, corporate and subject matter experts collaborate to develop solutions and projects that use real-time client data that is visible to the entire enterprise.

Municipalities, universities and manufacturing and industrial facilities can realize significant benefits with energy data from xChangePoint®. Beyond the traditional energy audit, xChangePoint® provides real-time energy data from all active systems, allowing facility managers, energy executives and administrators to see how systems actually perform over time.

Fortune 1000 companies have tapped the energy data from xChangePoint® to identify systems that will deliver the best return on investment through energy-efficient upgrades or replacement with renewable-energy systems. xChangePoint® breaks the cycle of making short-term decisions based on energy audits and lets energy-intensive manufacturing and industrial enterprises develop long-term energy use plans to meet compliance goals and lower energy expenses.

Improving the Return on Your Invested Energy Dollar
Ameresco utilizes an organized, methodical and comprehensive approach to energy efficiency that yields the highest return on investment. We call it "Control Replace Shift":

  • Control: Use real-time data to modify operational behavior and system control strategies with zero or limited capital outlay.
  • Replace: Identify and model equipment and system performance and the related energy savings that will result from replacement of inefficient or poorly performing equipment.
  • Shift to clean, alternative and renewable energy sources that can provide significant cost savings or carbon emission reductions compared with current energy supplies. Advances in renewable-energy and alternative-fuel technologies can help government organizations lower operating costs, manufacturers lower production expenses and any organization meet carbon emissions goals. Energy data from xChangePoint® provides the operational intelligence needed to make informed decisions on energy use.

Implementing the Control – Replace – Shift approach in your energy plan, enabled by the software technology of xChangePoint®, will improve your energy efficiency return on investment, enterprise-wide.