Enhance Energy Efficiency with LED Traffic Lights

Worker installing LED traffic lights from bucket truck

Traffic lights can be another significant source of energy and maintenance costs. There are a wide range of LED traffic light retrofits available that deliver significant advantages over incandescent traffic controls. To learn more about the advantages of LED lighting, please see our LED street light FAQ.

Lower Operating Costs: LED traffic lights, like LED streetlights, use up to 90% less energy than incandescent lights.

Lower Maintenance Costs: In normal operation, red traffic lights need to be replaced every two years. LED traffic signals only need to be replaced every five years for red signals and as infrequently as every 10 years for other signals. This reduces the cost of replacement lights and the employee hours needed for light replacement.

Higher Reliability: Longer lifespans for LED traffic lights mean more continuous operation and longer periods before signals can fail. LED lights also have a lower risk of sudden light failure than incandescent bulbs. This improves public safety and provides fewer traffic disruptions by reducing the need for emergency light replacement.

More Flexible Operation: The low watt consumption of an LED traffic signal allows it to run on battery backup systems that are much more economical than those used for incandescent bulbs. LED systems can also be configured to run with central controls, delivering further energy savings.

More than 50% of the traffic lights in the United States have been replaced or retrofitted with LED technology, and these upgrades can pay for themselves in as little as three years.

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