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Energy Information You Can Use and Share

Accurate and relevant energy information is the foundation of any energy efficiency, renewable energy or integrated energy management plan. When robust energy information is available, public and private enterprises can make decisions that deliver meaningful savings and environmental benefits.

Ameresco offers a complete suite of asset and energy information tools that go beyond the standard energy data to provide continual, real-time information about energy use that organizations can use to negotiate energy contracts, maintain carbon compliance or ENERGY STAR™ certification or isolate poorly performing energy systems that can deliver measurable return on investment with renewable-energy upgrades.

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Ameresco AXIS®

Combining a state-of-the-art optical character recognition system and human review to isolate billing errors, Ameresco AXIS is an enterprise-level utility invoice processing and payment system that guarantees on-time payments and protects against overbilling.

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Energy Monitoring and Reporting

Building Dynamics' Energy Monitoring and Reporting provides powerful analytics to enable teams to quickly understand and visualize energy consumption patterns and identify savings opportunities. Teams can monitor and report on multiple commodities across the building portfolio and track progress toward savings goals.

Proactive Energy Management screen showing timelines of boiler performance

Proactive Energy Management

Building Dynamics' proactive energy management automates analysis and supervision of BAS set points and data to identify faults and other savings opportunities. It can quickly review thousands of data points for issues. It provides continuous recommendations on energy saving opportunities using a Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) approach and detailed reports and alerts.

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Asset Planning Solutions

Asset Planning Solutions builds on Ameresco's decades of experience in capital planning to provide a comprehensive solution for every stage of asset sustainability planning and development. Existing facility data can be used to project future capital investment needs for a single facility or an entire portfolio of properties.



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City of Reno

This project included the development and implementation of the City of Reno Green Energy Dashboard, a web-based energy information system.

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Aerial view of Southern Connecticut State University campus


As seen in Business View Magazine, Southern Connecticut State University partnered with Ameresco to use Building Dynamics wireless sensing and online analytics.

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Screenshot of an energy dashboard showing a gauge measuring solar power output

Canton Housing Authority

Built under a Power Purchase Agreement, this solar system generates 22% of the site’s energy needs and is monitored in real-time.


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