Energy Data Analysis

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Effective energy data analysis can be the difference between invoice management that simply gets the bills paid and invoice management that reduces costs and changes the way a company consumes energy. Ameresco’s approach to data capture, bill validation and energy analysis is multi-dimensional, using both Comparative and Correlative Analysis on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data values drawn from energy bills. Using this analysis, we can identify which locations may need more in-depth analysis for potential rate optimization or even repair, replacement or realignment of energy consuming equipment.

Comparative Analysis
Comparative analysis involves two principal types of comparison: simple and conditional. Both methods use bill-to-bill values at the invoice and meter levels. Simple comparison is used for dates, date ranges and to verify the existence of required rate schedule data. Conditional comparison is used when specific data types or elements can only be compared with a limited history of account/meter data, or when a specific set of account rules apply.

Correlative Analysis
Correlative Analysis involves pattern matching and variance differentiation (PMVD), which provides the most comprehensive identification of data inaccuracies. Normalizing meter data, applying weather adjustments and comparing multiple regressions allows Ameresco AXIS to uncover usage patterns and exceptions. By looking closely at variances in trends, as well as account-based minimum, maximum and mean thresholds, Ameresco AXIS can identify potential exceptions and refer them to Ameresco account analysts for further investigation.

Rate Review and Analysis
As new bills are processed, we can verify all the current bill data against historical rates and calculations. If the rate schedule name or any of the calculations vary, an exception is generated and the bill is sent to an analyst for further review and client communication. If it is determined that current rates and rate schedules are not optimized, Ameresco provides rate optimization and utility rate consulting as core services; we identify ideal rates and supply by leveraging our local utility relationships and our knowledge of retail access in every region and regulatory climate.

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