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Asset Sustainability Planning with Ameresco Asset Planning Solutions (APS)

Successful Asset Sustainability planning for aging facilities begins with Ameresco’s Asset Planning Solutions software. Drawing on Ameresco’s decades of experience with capital planning, life cycle planning and strategic planning, Asset Planning Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for all stages of the Asset Sustainability plan development and implementation process.

This software-based solution takes existing facility data and uses reliable “real-world” models developed by Ameresco to provide long-term asset planning for any type of facility and a complete portfolio of structures. By providing consistent data, Asset Planning Solutions allows facility owners and managers to develop short- and long-term strategies that optimize funding allocations, project capital costs, track unfunded liabilities and facility conditions and measure the results of facility improvements.

Asset Planning Solutions utilizes a three-step approach to develop, manage and track all facets of an effective Asset Sustainability Plan. This process puts facility managers in complete control of projections, monitoring and reporting. Once capital-planning data is assembled, strategies and solutions can be designed and established to meet budget goals. Asset Planning Solutions then monitors the results, showing the real benefits of facility upgrades and identifying areas where additional improvements can be made.

To help implement an Asset Sustainability plan, Asset Planning Solutions generates reports that can be used to show stakeholders the benefits of improvements, as well as monitoring that can be shared with end users to encourage participation. Asset Planning Solutions users can gain a full understanding of their asset sustainability needs and respond proactively, maximizing the value of capital investment in facilities.

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University of Kentucky


With Ameresco Asset Planning Solutions, the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority developed a five-year capital plan and a 30-year lifecycle plan for the 635 sites in its facility portfolio. The software captured and stored overall capital needs for the portfolio, and it is also used to provide internal and external data for HUD consultants, reporting and PNA and CLPHA studies.

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