Proactive Energy Management

Modern building automation systems (BAS) are complex systems that use thousands of data points to operate the mechanical systems within a building. The existence of a large number of data points allows BAS to be appropriately configured for each building. Such complex systems, however, are also difficult to optimize and idealized settings commonly drift from the original settings.

Building Dynamics' Energy Management and Fault Detection can monitor thousands of data points to identify potential optimizations and deliver savings at a low cost. It provides a rigorous review of BAS settings and operations that analyses existing operation of sequences, identifies faults and provides ongoing monitoring of the EMS operation. The analysis identifies and reports faults and helps identify potential energy inefficiencies such as:

A man reviews energy data on an array of six computer monitors

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Equipment running during an unoccupied period unnecessarily
  • Miscalibrated or faulty sensors (e.g., broken CO2 or outside air sensors that prevent efficient economizer operation, miscalibrated temperature sensors, etc.)
  • Chiller operating when outside air temperature is low
  • AHU return fan running when supply fan is off
  • Equipment (e.g., boilers) cycles excessively
  • Pumps and exhaust fans operate significantly longer than the systems they serve
  • VFDs operating at a fixed speed
  • Economizer does not function optimally, or excessive outside air causes increased heating and/or mechanical cooling
  • Insufficient outside air, compromising indoor air quality

Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx)

Buildings start to drift from optimal performance the day they are commissioned. Building Dynamics identifies faults and configuration issues right away using the monitoring-based commissioning approach, enabling the user to fix issues immediately.

Building Dynamics provides a set of easy to use interfaces for analyzing and monitoring BAS operating and building energy performance. The software is designed to enable users by simplifying and automating the analysis process. Building Dynamics can automatically generate alerts and reports that can be emailed to the user when issues with set points, sequencing, scheduling and additional faults are detected in the building.


  • Identifies low cost/no cost solutions to common fault, set-point and scheduling issues
  • Verifies that equipment sequences operate according to specification
  • Discovers issues and faults (e.g., faulty valves, stuck dampers, simultaneous heating and cooling, malfunctioning economizers) as an effective means of preventive maintenance for equipment
  • Generates alerts when a building system drifts out of the expected parameters so that problems can be fixed promptly
  • Tracks and reports progress toward meeting cost reduction and sustainability goals

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