Energy Monitoring and Reporting

Building Dynamics' Energy Monitoring and Reporting provides detailed insight into energy consumption and renewable energy generation at individual facilities and across the enterprise. It provides powerful analytics that enable teams to quickly understand and visualize energy consumption patterns to identify and quantify energy savings opportunities. Analytical functions start at the portfolio level and allow the user to drill down from monthly and interval data in individual buildings to quantify which buildings should be audited further for savings opportunities. Some of the main features provided include:


  • Comparison of a facility versus similar facilities within the customer's portfolio or similar facilities from other public repositories
  • High-level estimation of savings potential through comparisons with similar buildings
  • Understanding energy performance before and after measures and actions including normalization of parameters

Baseline development and analysis:

  • Normalized energy performance models to develop an understanding of the baseload and the weather-associated loads
  • Comparisons against the baseline used to demonstrate savings and check when consumption deviates from the baseline model

Computer screen showing energy data as pie and bar charts.Interval data analysis:

  • Identify potential scheduling and sequencing issues
  • Understand baseload properties and target buildings/assets for deeper investigation and upgrades
  • Analyze operating patterns and load profiles to identify opportunities for operational savings


  • Generate consumption reports across fiscal years
  • View weather-normalized consumption reporting and comparisons
  • Apply alerts for anomalies and changes in a building's consumption pattern
  • Utilize a large number of preconfigured metrics and exportable reports


  • Access actionable information from a central repository
  • Reduce time aggregating and analyzing building data across the portfolio
  • Identify low cost/no-cost saving opportunities
  • Discover buildings with energy saving opportunities
  • Understand building consumption patterns
  • Track progress toward meeting cost reduction and sustainability goals

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