Public Energy Dashboards

A sample energy dashboard screen showing locations of energy equipment, current weather and energy consumption.

Energy dashboards bring the end user into the conservation equation. Whether for campus, municipal, commercial or industrial buildings, increasing occupant awareness of energy consumption is a priority to reduce energy costs. The challenge is how to make it easy for employees, clients or the general public to see your energy management and sustainability initiatives in real-time.

Ameresco’s interactive occupant engagement dashboards can be viewed on public displays and kiosks in facilities and also through a website providing access to the community population. Energy dashboards empower users with information to make better energy usage and conservation decisions. Through public access to real-time energy usage and goal tracking, our clients use public dashboards as an educational and public relations tool to promote sustainability initiatives.

Customized Ameresco energy dashboards provide an overview of building performance, real-time energy usage, sustainability metrics and educational material on initiatives and their goals. Their goal is to increase awareness and drive occupant engagement towards behavior change and sustainability efforts. As a public website, it will conform to the client’s web design guidelines, with images and colors unique to the client. It will also be education focused, graphically rich and easy to navigate.

The main components of the site include:

  • Campus Map – with buildings’ current usage values, solar generation values where applicable, color coded to indicate variation from a forecasted value
  • Building Current – gauge view of live energy usage of a selected building
  • Building Historical – chart view of building historical graph can be exported to .csv
  • Comparison – a selected list of buildings, with usage ordered from highest to lowest, can be exported to .csv
  • News/Information – general sustainability news, imported from RSS feed if applicable, and general background information about the website and energy savings programs
  • Education/Video – general energy related education materials, such as videos and text
  • 508 Compliant Version – dashboard for the visually impaired
  • Virtual Office – room with appliances and electronic devices that can be turned on and off to indicate the impact of a device on a monthly utility bill
  • Competitions (Optional) - Scorecards can be created for the buildings based on existing metrics (e.g., EUI) or custom metrics to promote specific energy conservation behaviors. The public dashboards provide a comparison functionality that can utilize the scorecards to create energy saving competitions across facilities.

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Live Energy Dashboards

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