Ameresco AXIS Carbon Management

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Carbon Management is often considered a costly, burdensome compliance requirement, when in reality it can become a growth opportunity for organizations when approached proactively. Ameresco’s Carbon Management Program provides customers with the ability to enhance sustainable growth initiatives by knowing carbon costs, easily budgeting and modeling carbon emissions, and quantifying positive impacts on the environment, strengthening brand image and customer goodwill.

Ameresco has a solution for every reporting level, with an international, multi-tiered approach. Ameresco AXIS® Carbon Management includes reporting for mandatory EPA Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting, Kyoto Protocol compliance, supplier mandates from retailers, and voluntary, enterprise-driven Corporate Social Responsibility and carbon footprint efforts.

Utility-Based GHG Reporting
Ameresco AXIS provides robust reporting of all six required greenhouse gases associated with utilities. These reports can be used in support of a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan and help an organization build an Emission Source Inventory Management Plan.

Compliance Carbon/GHG Reporting
We provide cost-effective Carbon Management services for both mandatory and voluntary markets. Ameresco AXIS uses the ISO 14064 Protocol for GHG reporting, and delivers the data in a format that facilitates easy verification from third party entities.

Project Emissions Reporting
For project-related comparative emissions studies, Ameresco AXIS offers Project Emissions Reporting in addition to our GHG Reporting services. Environmental pollutants that are not normally associated with greenhouse gas reporting, such as SO2, SO3, lead and mercury, can be tracked, compared and modeled for project and strategic planning purposes.