Past Events

Event Location
Healthcare Estates 2015 Manchester
Helping New Jersey’s Hospitals Keep the Lights On: Programs and Funding for Resilient Energy Resources Lawrenceville
HIA-LI 27th Annual Business Trade Show & Conference Brentwood
Higher Ed Facilities Forum Palm Springs
Higher Education Facilities Forum Hollywood
HUD Region IV Office of Public and Indian Housing Energy Conference 2013 Panama City
HUD Southeast Region Energy Conference Orange Beach
IACT Annual Conference & Exhibition Fort Wayne
IDEA's 2016 Campus Energy Conference Austin
IHP Conference 2012 Vancouver
Indiana Association of County Commissioners Indianapolis
International Disaster Conference & Expo New Orleans
ISA Automation Week Mobile
K12 Facilities Forum Ponte Vedra Beach
KASA 43rd Annual Summer Institute Louisville
KASS Summer Institute Lexington
KASS Summer Institute Bowling Green
Kentucky & Tennessee School Plant Management Association Workshop Pigeon Forge
Kentucky & Tennessee School Plant Management Associations Joint Training Seminar Pigeon Forge
Kentucky and Tennessee School Plant Management Association Conference Pigeon Forge