Past Events

Event Location
World Energy Engineering Congress 2013 Washington
Waste-to-Energy using Fuel Cells Workshop Washington
DOE Grant Advisory Board Meeting Warwick
Rhode Island League of Cities & Towns Annual Convention Warwick
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Warwick
Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns Annual Convention Warwick
EBC Breakfast Meeting with Phil Giudice Waltham
AEENE Energy Awards/Success Stories Scholarship Night Waltham
North & East Texas County Judges & Commissioners Conference Waco
IHP Conference 2012 Vancouver
Long Island’s Fire, Rescue & EMS Mega Show Uniondale
2011 CONN-NAHRO Annual Convention and Exhibition Uncasville
CONN-NAHRO Uncasville
Arizona City/County Management Association 2012 Summer Conference Tucson
AASBO 62nd Annual Conference & Exposition Tucson
AASBO 58th Annual Conference and Exposition Tucson
AASBO's 58th Annual Conference and Expo Tucson
Practical Ways for Towns to Save Money with Clean Energy Projects Trumbull
Energy Matters Summit Toronto
ONPHA Conference 2012 Toronto