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Ameresco Axis

Ameresco AXIS provides a multi-national invoice management system to aid in the efficient management of energy invoices for the customer to better understand costs, budget practices, accruals and operations at its locations. Utilizing Ameresco AXIS allows a customer to take advantage of the service’s speedy and highly accurate energy data capture and analysis functionality.


The Transportable Renewable Energy eXchange (TRex) is a custom-built, multi-functional mobile unit that can be set-up by one individual (no tools required) to create emergency power from renewable energy.  This generation unit harnesses the sun and wind energy and can easily plug into commercial facilities whether in emergency or remote power situations.

Case Studies

Ameresco Canada Solar Projects

Ameresco Canada has developed a variety of photovoltaic and solar power projects for schools in Canada, allowing them to use renewable energy to control costs, preserve the environment and teach children about new ways to generate the energy we need.

Boston Housing Authority

The Boston Housing Authority enters an energy savings performance contract with Ameresco that is one of the largest of its kind. As a part of the Authority's green initiatives, this project features energy efficiency measures, a groundbreaking project labor agreement, a pre-apprenticeship program and improved facilities for the comfort of its residents and employees.


Committed to a sustainable business model to reduce waste, to improve local air quality and to create greater cost efficiencies, BMW partnered with Ameresco for a landfill gas-to-energy project. Methane gas from the Palmetto Landfill is cleaned and compressed for use at the nearby BMW manufacturing facility, and in turn, BMW is guaranteed a supply of renewable energy at a fixed price.

The Citadel

The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, a historic and proactive institution, partners with Ameresco to implement campus-wide energy efficiency upgrades from new lighting fixtures to window replacements on a budget-neutral basis. The project is anticipated to save the college over $670,000 annually.

City of Dallas Water Utilities

Biogas cogeneration is helping the City of Dallas turn gas from wastewater treatment into a source of electricity, heat and hot water.


The City of Englewood was very conscientious of spending during tight economic times, but the City needed to enhance its infrastructure and reduce its energy and water consumption. Englewood partnered with Ameresco to develop budget-neutral projects including an energy savings performance contract and solar power purchase agreement to make the needed upgrades without approaching the City’s taxpayers.


The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) partnered with Ameresco on a budget-neutral energy efficiency project that improved the learning environment, patient care and medical research facilities.

National Archives

NARA was eager to make its facilities more sustainable and to be environmental stewards. In partnership with Ameresco, NARA was able to implement a number of measures to reduce energy and water consumption including a photovoltaic system and cogeneration at various locations.

Great Lakes NAVFAC

At Great Lakes Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Ameresco implemented 10 phases of energy efficiency projects including steam and condensate line updates for a tighter distribution network and a new cogeneration facility.  The measures allow the Navy to use a cleaner fuel and to save dollars.

New Carrollton Federal Building

Through an ESPC, Ameresco and the GSA partnered for a deep energy retrofit that included new solar panel installations, replacement of existing lights with LEDs and automated energy management systems. Together, these measures reduced annual energy consumption by 60%.

New Castle County

In New Castle County, Delaware, an energy savings performance contract provided renewable energy solar power systems to improve energy efficiency. Local sourcing of solar panels brought jobs to the state of Delaware.

Ox Mountain

As one of the largest landfill gas-to-energy plants in its region, Ox Mountain strips the toxins from the landfill’s methane gas to produce a clean energy source for the cities of Palo Alto and Alameda. With aggressive goals to attain a significant portion of energy from renewable sources, the cities receive clean energy, as well as local job creation from the site at Ox Mountain.

Revere Public Schools

Revere Public Schools gained peace of mind in partnering with Ameresco for a performance contract. No longer worried about utility bills and whether or not the schools will have adequate heating, school administrators will have the opportunity to reinvest in education with the cost savings gained by improving the infrastructure.  

Roxbury Community College

Roxbury Community College and Ameresco project timelapse of solar photovoltaic system installation at Roxbury Community College in Massachusetts.  

San Antonio Water System

The first of its type to sell commercially to a pipeline, this biogas project harnesses the methane gas that previously San Antonio was wasting and converts it to pipeline quality gas for commercial sale.  Ameresco’s partnership with the San Antonio Water System improves the local air quality and offers a renewable energy source. Local jobs were created and the City has a new revenue stream from gas sale royalties.

San Francisco Housing Authority

SFHA’s ESPC partnership with Ameresco features infrastructure upgrades to enhance the lives of tenants and reduce energy and water consumption costs. Ameresco teamed up with workers from the local community and residents to implement this project.

Media Coverage

Fort Detrick

DLA discusses its partnership with Ameresco that brought solar power to Fort Detrick as part of a broader initiative to use renewable energy at U.S. military bases.

MSP Airport

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport explains how two parking garages now contribute 3 megawatts of solar energy to help power airport operations.

St. Louis Airport renewable energy video

Renewable Airport

CNN looks at the green technologies that provide power at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport (opens in new window).

Landfill Solar Farms

WBZ in Boston reports on a new trend in cities and towns across Massachusetts: Turning uninhabitable capped landfills into solar farms that help to contain energy costs.

New Mexico State University

Officials from New Mexico State University discuss how an Energy Savings Performance Contract enabled them to take a comprehensive approach toward meeting energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission goals.

KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

Fromberg Schools

After a boiler fails, a school installs a new heating and cooling system that will pay for itself with energy savings.

Michael Bakas Interview

Platts Energy interview with Michael Bakas, Senior Vice President, on biogas-to-energy projects at waste water treatment plants.

Miami Beach Convention Center Geothermal Project

NBC Miami looks at the energy-efficiency improvements and geothermal cooling system now in use at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

2012 Award for DOE SRS Biomass Cogeneration Facility discusses the DOE SRS Biomass Cogeneration Facility with Nicole Bulgarino of Ameresco and Karen Guevara of the U.S. Department of Energy.

AMRC at the NYSE

On May 5, 2011, Ameresco rings the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University officials discuss their use of solar power on campus, a project developed with help from Ameresco.


WTAP, an NBC affiliate, coverage of the City of Belpre going green with a solar installation and energy efficiency improvements.

Buena Vista Landfill

KSBW, an NBC affiliate, coverage of the Buena Vista landfill-to-gas energy plant ribbon cutting.

Jefferson City

Hoosier Energy case study of the proposed Woodland Meadows project and the existing Jefferson City landfill gas-to-energy cogeneration project.

Connecticut Juvenile Training Center

Fox News coverage of fuel cell technology utilization including Ameresco's fuel cell plant at the Connecticut Juvenile Training Center.

Additional Videos:

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