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Whether you need to complete sustainability reports or inform stakeholders, investors or the general public about the performance of solar power systems, Ameresco makes it easy. Our solutions include software and consulting services that can be customized to meet specific needs, including:

  • Compliance Reporting
  • ENERGY STAR Certification
  • Carbon Reporting
  • Qualification for Tax Credits
  • Annual Reports
  • Public Education Campaigns
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Maintenance Schedules and Planning
  • Capital Planning

When you partner with Ameresco, you get access to a team of solar power specialists who will help you navigate the process of qualifying for rebates and certifications, as well as customizable, web-based software solutions that are easy to use.



The following projects illustrate how our solar dashboards can be fully branded and customized to reach specific audiences.


The following projects show our standard Solar Dashboards with very basic customization.

Education and Outreach

Ameresco can help you publicize the sustainability benefits of your solar power system in several ways. Ameresco offers a multi-component approach to using solar power projects as an educational tool within the communities your organization serves.

  • Kiosk
    Make project stats available through a kiosk display that can be installed in building lobbies or accessed through your organization's website.
  • Online Dashboard
    Provide real-time updates of performance and allow students, citizens and employees to download actual solar power production data through a website.
  • Solar Curriculum Materials
    Bring solar power into the classroom with real-time and historical data, as well as lesson plans and topic summaries developed by Ameresco for K-12 students.
  •  Public Outreach
  • Our account managers, engineers and project managers are available to participate in school and public events to explain how solar power systems work, how your system was developed and how much energy it is expected to generate.

Why Choose Ameresco?

Our solar PV team has an advanced understanding of regulations and is involved with ongoing rulemaking at the local, utility, state and federal levels. We have acted on behalf of our customers to secure all permits and incentives to keep projects on schedule and at the agreed upon price. Our engineers and construction teams have designed and/or built more than 50 megawatts of solar PV projects.

Ameresco has the in-house technology, staff, and systems to continuously monitor solar PV operations, report alarms and problems, and dispatch maintenance staff using our work order management system. We also test and re-commission each site once a year. This O&M experience provides feedback to our design engineers, creating a virtuous cycle for continuous design improvements.

Ameresco offers a full spectrum of services from system conceptualization to support once the system is complete. We can develop, engineer, build, own, operate, finance and maintain (with in-house or outside staff), providing a complete solution. We can operate and maintain any existing solar power system or provide financing through a Solar PPA or ESPC for new construction.

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