Remote and Off-Grid Solar Power Systems and Storage

Solar panels mounted on a remote hillside

For remote locations with no existing infrastructure, off-grid systems can be a cost-effective alternative to power line installation..

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Off-grid solar systems offer a world of new energy opportunities in places where traditional power lines are too impractical or too expensive. Ameresco is one of North America's leading solar companies in engineering, building and maintaining off-grid solutions.

Off-Grid Solar: Power Where You Need It

Highly efficient off-grid solar systems allow energy generation in any location with sufficient sunlight. Off-grid solar provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance, reliable solution for many applications, including--

Highway Infrastructure:
Illuminated signage, motorist aid call boxes and street lighting can all be powered without the expense of installing and maintaining power lines.

Emergency Power:
Self-contained solar energy systems offer a dependable alternative and supplement to diesel generators.

Deliver power to remote sites and reduce high infrastructure costs for network growth.

Ranches, Reservations and Remote Locations:
Add water pumps, lighting and remote power outlets without diesel generator emissions and noise.


Ameresco continues to find creative and innovative ways of using storage for on-site resiliency as well as for grid benefits when sold to grid operators. Resiliency is at the forefront of mind with superstorms and climate change. Ameresco offers a variety of innovative, comprehensive, renewable solutions to meet customer requirements.



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Solar Powered Parking Meters


Amano-McGann worked with Ameresco to develop solar parking meters that eliminated the need for disruptive road work in Norwalk, Connecticut.

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Solar powered water pump

Burt's Ranch

A solar-powered pumping system allows Burt's Ranch to move water from a remote site 1.33 miles away without the need for an expensive connection to the grid.

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Denver solar parking lights above a parking lot along a trail

Denver Water Board

The Denver Water Board added lighting to a public recreation area at a significantly lower cost, and without trenching, by using a self-contained solar system.

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Why Choose Ameresco?

Our solar PV team has an advanced understanding of regulations and is involved with ongoing rulemaking at the local, utility, state and federal levels. We have acted on behalf of our customers to secure all permits and incentives to keep projects on schedule and at the agreed upon price. Our engineers and construction teams have designed and/or built more than 50 megawatts of solar PV projects.

Ameresco has the in-house technology, staff, and systems to continuously monitor solar PV operations, report alarms and problems, and dispatch maintenance staff using our work order management system. We also test and re-commission each site once a year. This O&M experience provides feedback to our design engineers, creating a virtuous cycle for continuous design improvements.

Ameresco offers a full spectrum of services from system conceptualization to support once the system is complete. We can develop, engineer, build, own, operate, finance and maintain (with in-house or outside staff), providing a complete solution. We can operate and maintain any existing solar power system or provide financing through a Solar PPA or ESPC for new construction.

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