Commercial and Municipal LED Street and Area Lighting

Nighttime view of LED streetlights in Reno

Note the improved illumination where LED lighting is used, as well as the reduced light pollution compared with sodium lamps.

LED technology is revolutionizing street and area lighting, offering energy savings of 50%-60% or more, extremely long life and reduced maintenance costs, and, most important: improved lighting.  Municipalities, state transportation departments, ports, prisons and others are turning to LED technology for street, roadway, parking lot, high mast, bridge, tunnel and general area lighting.

Key Benefits:

•    LED Lighting offers energy savings of 50% to 60%
•    LED Lighting Reduces Maintenance Costs
•    LED Lighting Provides Better Illumination

"The increased efficiency and decreased long-term operating cost that LED technology provides allows the City the ability to improve service while keeping costs in line. With the help of Ameresco, we’re putting together a project that will pay dividends well into the future."

--Yakima Public Affairs Director
Randy Beehler

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LED Lighting Uses 50-60% Less Energy

LED, or light-emitting diode, is a highly efficient, solid-state lighting (SSL) technology in which nearly all the energy used produces light rather than waste heat.  In addition to being inherently more efficient than high pressure sodium (HPS) and other traditional light sources, LED technology has characteristics that enable higher wattage HPS fixtures to be replaced with lower wattage LED fixtures. For example:

Optical Control: LED lighting provides uniform light distribution, while traditional light sources direct most of their light output to a small area directly under the fixture.

Lumen Depreciation: LED lighting sustains light output for most of its long life, while the rapid depreciation of light output from traditional light sources necessitates the use of higher wattage fixtures to maintain minimum light levels over their useful life.

Adaptability: LED lighting can be field adjusted for different applications, in contrast to HPS lighting which is offered only in fixed wattages, and LED lighting can be easily controlled (dimmed) to save additional energy.

Converting existing street and area lighting to LED reduces energy use by 50%-60% or more, depending on the application, and additional savings can be achieved by dimming during times of day when traffic volume or other factors justify lower light levels. In parking garages LED lights can be combined with controls and motion sensors so that they dim automatically at times of day when activity is low, then instantly return to full illumination when activity is detected.

LED Lighting Reduces Maintenance Costs

In contrast to LED lighting, HPS and other traditional types of area lighting require ongoing maintenance to replace failed lamps and ballasts (HPS lamps last 4-5 years, ballasts 8-10 years).  The associated maintenance costs are substantial, with 20% or more of the lights in a traditional streetlight system requiring a visit from a bucket truck crew each year.  Most LED street lights carry a 10-year warranty and will need little or no maintenance for much longer.

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Solar Panels + LED Lighting = Near-Zero Energy Consumption

Airport Improvement magazine looks at how solar panels and LED lighting combine to provide near-zero energy consumption at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport's parking facilities.

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Read the Public Works profile of the West Richland LED project.

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The city of Minneapolis on the horizon as seen from the solar array on top of Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

It's Minnesota's largest solar energy project to date, generating 3 megawatts from panels installed on terminal roofs. Further efficiency will be gained with lighting enhancements.

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Henderson, Nevada LED street lights at night

City of Henderson

Electrical savings totaled more than $840,000 annually and maintenance savings totaled more than $87,000 annually after the City of Henderson, Nevada, chose to replace existing incandescent lighting with LED street lights.

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West Richland LED street lights

City of West Richland

West Richland, Washington, installed LED street lighting and wireless controls through a budget-neutral project that is expected to reduce annual energy consumption by 61%, reducing energy costs by an estimated $67,000 each year.

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Why choose Ameresco?

Ameresco is a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions company throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Ameresco’s energy experts have extensive experience with municipal and commercial energy efficiency retrofits. Ameresco is vendor-neutral, so our customers can choose from the products that best meet their needs and budget. As a comprehensive energy services provider, Ameresco also has expertise in finding and securing energy efficiency rebates, incentive programs and financing options, including energy savings performance contracts. In many cases, municipal and commercial organizations can upgrade to LED lighting with no up-front costs, using energy savings to pay for the new lights over time.