Sustainable Development in Health and Social Care Conference 2014

In helping the Sustainable Development Unit to communicate the key messages from its new strategy, the overarching theme of the conference will be an exploration of the path to 2020 for leaders in healthcare, public health and social care commissioning.  The plenary sessions and master-classes included in the final programme will examine the following:

- Development and acceleration of the NHS change instigated by the Carbon Reduction Strategy in order to meet the targets set out in Climate Change legislation.

- The embedding of sustainable thinking in the wider health and care sector beyond the bounds of the NHS

- Broader issues of sustainability, beyond just carbon reduction, such as resource efficiency, and adaptation to build resilience to climate change events.

- Identification of high impact areas which could accelerate carbon reduction in healthcare-

- The establishment of sustainable ‘models of care’.

- Research priorities to drive forward sustainability in health.

- The integration of sustainable thinking into public health campaign

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