Eighth Annual NAESCO Federal Market Workshop

Accelerating the Use of ESPCs to Enhance Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance at Federal Facilities

The Eighth Annual NAESCO Federal Market Workshop is a forum for private and public sector representatives to talk candidly about the evolving role of ESPCs in the federal marketplace and to assess the impact of the Presidential Memorandum to accelerate the use of ESPCs at federal facilities to the tune of $2 billion.

The workshop will focus on what the Administration will do to more effectively leverage the capabilities of third party providers like ESCOs to generate energy and dollar savings at federal facilities. Also on the agenda is a look at the federal interest in pursuing "deep retrofits" and what that means for the ESCOS, the ESPC delivery model, and federal procurement requirements as well as the efforts to overcome the barriers that continue to impede ESPC and UESC project implementation.

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