2013 Energy Summit

The Attorney General's Office will host a one-day summit to examine and discuss topics related to energy, cost competitiveness, and policy with the goal of bringing stakeholders together. This summit aims to share ideas among businesses, policy-makers, and clean energy advocates about opportunities to maximize innovative reforms enacted over the past years, and what additional steps may be needed.

Two morning panels will focus on stories directly from businesses about their experiences with energy costs including: how costs impact their ability to be competitive, the utilization of energy efficiency and renewable resources and the successes and challenges they have experienced.  Two afternoon panels will examine  the pathway forward, including polices, and  innovative technology and financing solutions for the Commonwealth and the region.


Panel 4: Path Forward for Massachusetts –Innovative Ideas and Technologies

Massachusetts businesses can utilize today and in the future to help lower consumption and/or cost, including examples.

  • Moderator: Janet Gail Besser, VP of Policy and Government Affairs at New England Clean Energy Council
  • Alicia Barton, CEO Massachusetts Clean Energy Center – innovation incentives available to businesses
  • Stephen Conant, Senior VP Anbaric Transmission – transmission and central procurement of renewables
  • John Holz, NRG – competitive retail approach to renewable energy
  • Scudder Parker, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation - centralization of energy efficiency programs
  • Erik Limpaecher / Scott VanBroekhoven, MIT Lincoln Labs – microgrids, and other real examples of technologies out there to help lower energy costs
  • David Anderson, Executive VP, Ameresco – project financing


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