Save 50% on Energy Management Software

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Ameresco Team up to Offer Energy Efficiency Incentive Program

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Industrial energy management is more affordable than ever, thanks to a new incentive program for Pacific Gas and Electric Company customers presented in partnership with Ameresco, a leading energy efficiency company. Qualifiying businesses can receive a free Energy Action Plan, a 50% incentive on xChangePoint Energy Management software and opportunities to qualify for 50% incentives on energy efficiency measures identified by xChangePoint.

Industrial energy users looking to contain costs and meet sustainability goals can tap the power of xChangePoint to see real-time data that lets them plot immediate and long-term energy savings. xChangePoint is like a continual energy audit that identifies operational and equipment-based inefficiencies, giving energy users the information they need to identify and mediate areas of inefficient energy use without sacrificing systems needed for everyday operation.

Download the PDF to get full details on this program and how to participate.

Program Requirements

Any Pacific Gas and Electric Company industrial customer with a minimum 500 kW peak electric demand can participate in this program. Ameresco will install energy auditing equipment as needed to monitor and report real-time data. Industrial energy users who wish to participate must first complete a Measurement & Verification program prior to this instiallation and commit to implement no-cost and low-cost energy conservation measures.

Program Benefits

Qualifying recipients will receive a 50% incentive for xChangePoint installation and monitoring. In addition, projects recommended by xChangePoint may qualify for a 50% incentive from Pacific Gas and Electric. Participants will also benefit from real-time energy management data, benchmarking and anayltics, access to energy experts to help identify savings and implement programs and a no-cost Energy Action Plan.

Get Started!

To participate in this program, call (866) 377-7834 and ask for the IEEP Help Desk.