K-12 Education

  • Entrance of Clarkstown Senior High School North

    Clarkstown Central School District

    Ameresco delivered $7 million in infrastructure improvements, including a photovoltaic array and sensors that shut off vending machines and lights when they are not needed, allowing the Clarkstown Central School District to earn ENERGY STAR® certification and save more than $460,000 annually on energy costs.

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  • Wilson Middle School entrance

    Town of Natick

    Ameresco set an aggressive schedule to meet regulatory requirements and had crews work nights and weekends to avoid classroom disruptions as it developed solar power arrays on public school rooftops.

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  • Several high school students taking a test in a classroom

    Big Spring School District

    A major geothermal project using 112 wells to provide heating at two schools was part of a renewable energy and energy efficiency project for the Big Spring School District. Ameresco moved from contract selection to construction within three months, enabling the district to comply with a narrow window for state capital funding

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  • Solar panels on the roof of a Fall River school building

    City of Fall River

    Unused rooftop space on three Fall River public schools provided the perfect location for solar power generation, with the three sites rated for 461 kW of energy.

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"We hired Ameresco based on its successful track record of working with schools and communities throughout the country, and we have been very pleased with the results of the partnership. The ESPC model has enabled us to implement wide-ranging energy and infrastructure upgrades that otherwise would have not been possible without the performance contracting."

--Cloverleaf Local School District Superintendant Daryl Kubilus, Jr.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy-efficient schools can lower a school district's annual operating costs by up to 30%. This is a significant amount, considering that the annual energy bill to run America's primary and secondary schools is $6 billion. Yet far too often in public and private school systems, cuts in faculty are considered over a reduction in energy expenses which are viewed as a non-controllable cost. Cutting faculty, as well as paying too much for energy, have been shown to directly reduce educational quality.

With services ranging from budget-neutral energy infrastructure upgrades to energy supply management to invoice management, Ameresco offers several opportunities for saving energy in schools that can open up additional funding for educational programs. Through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), Ameresco can design, build, operate and maintain new energy facilities and school upgrades with no up-front capital costs, collecting a portion of the energy cost savings while the remaining savings are kept by schools and put toward other expenses.

Ameresco utilizes both pure and applied research to work collaboratively with school boards and academic and facility staff to align, implement and monitor school renewal resources to enhance teaching and learning environments while creating energy-efficient schools. Ameresco can train school faculty to educate their students on behavior modification that can dramatically reduce energy use.

The front of the Southeastern Regional School District vocational school


Southeastern Regional found itself trapped between equipment nearly half a century old and state regulations that threatened fines if the school did not find a way to reduce its water consumption.

An energy savings performance contract (ESPC) provided budget-neutral funding, and Ameresco provided expertise, equipping the school with a trigeneration plant that provides electricity, heat and chilled water for summertime use. The school reduced its water use by 50% and will save $276,000 annually in energy costs.

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